Best Boat Accessories

Here are are my picks of the best boat accessories, because every bowrider, pontoon, deck, jet, or cuddy cabin boat owner is certain to want them.


At we focus on watersports and recreation style boats, so the products we recommend are based around family recreation boats and sport boats. Here is a list of products we recommend to help save you time.



Bimini Tops


A bimini top is a great addition to most boats. It gives you the option of staying on the lake and enjoying your boat, and also having the ability to get out of the beating sun. In most cases, the cost of a bimini top is low enough to make this a must have option.


A dark gray bimini top on display with a white background.My choice for a bimini top is an exciting one because of the great value this one has compared to all the others. My choice is the “Leader Accessories, 10 Colors, 3 Bow or 4 Bow Bimini Top Cover with 2 Rear Support Poles + 4 Straps + Storage Boot + Mounts”, for an awesome price on Amazon!


This is a great budget friendly and good quality bimini top, and I love this Bimini Top because:

  • 13 different sizes available. (bigger sizes have 4 bow construction)
  • 10 different colors available
  • 1” diameter aluminum frame with double-walled main bow legs for maximum strength and free quick release mounts.
  • 2 rear support poles and a zippered storage boot included.
  • Material: Marine grade 600D polyester canvas with double PU Coating.
  • Double overlapped stitching.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included.
  • An AMAZINGLY low price for a great top!


The length you want (6′ or 8′) will determine if you are getting the three bow or a four bow frame. Either way, you get the rear support poles included! There are many colors to choose from, so you get one that works with your boat. The size chart is very easy to understand.


A bimini top is purchased based on size. So whether you have a pontoon boat or a runabout, you are choosing your top based on sizing. Some pontoon boats run a double bimini top, essentially covering the bulk of the deck area. This option could empty your pockets of nearly 2 grand though.


As you may have read in my “Selecting The Right Bimini Top” article, you can spend a very large amount of money and not really get much more quality than my recommendation. If you haven’t read it yet, do that now so you can learn how to measure your boat for the correct bimini top size to order. However, you can just go to the link below and it will tell you exactly what one to order with their sizing chart. You will also get step by step instructions for a easy and accurate installation of your new top. Then come back here to be sure you are ordering the correct Leader Accessories Bimini Top, at a great price on Amazon


Stainless Steel Bimini Top Mounts on display with a white background.You can upgrade your mounts to stainless steel for just a little more. The plastic mounts that come with this Leader Accessories bimini top are perfectly good and will last the life of your new top, but some may like the extra strength and/or the look of shiny stailess steel mounts.


Either way, you can not beat this bimini top considering the features and price!



Boat Cover


Runabout boats

My best boat cover has to consider several factors, and then weight certain factors as more important. One of the main factors is the weight of the material and it’s quality. The whole point of a boat cover is to keep the elements out and withstand the Mother Nature’s fury.


The fabric has to be strong to protect against rips. If a hole develops, you have lost your weather protection, so we want something strong to stop that from happening. Trailering can really put a lot of stress on a cover, specially if it’s not held in position well. Rear facing vents really helps create a vacuum to suck the cover firmly to the boat.


A RVMasking waterproof, 1200 denier fabric, trailerable, boat cover on display with a white background.The RVMasking waterproof, 1200 denier fabric, trailerable, boat cover for V-Hull runabouts. This boat cover is available on Amazon for the best price and has a couple sizing choices for your boat. Awesome points about this boat cover are:

  • Fantastic price for this level of quality! (This is twice as thick as a standard cover and super durable.)
  • Rear facing vents for interior breathability and holding the cover tight while trailering
  • Double stitched seams with waterproof reinforcement seam strips
  • Made of high-strength 1200D fabric with waterproof PU coating and anti-UV coating
  • 3 corners at the bow and stern are double reinforced with 600D polyester fabric, providing extra protection against sharp corner
  • Storage bag that doubles as an outboard motor cover
  • Strap loops design suitable for mooring
  • Elasticized hem for a custom fit
  • 3 color choices


For this low price, you just can’t match the material and construction quality!


Pontoon Boats / Deck Boats

The Vortex Ultra 5 Year Canvas Pontoon/Deck Boat Cover on a pontoon boat that is on a trailer in parking lot.For all of us with pontoon boats the Vortex Ultra 5 Year Canvas Pontoon/Deck Boat Cover is going to be the best pontoon boat cover choice. If you have a more squared off style of deck boat, this will also be your best boat cover choice.


Don’t get fooled by cheaper covers. Those have a short life expectancy and that is if you don’t rip them. My boat cover choice for pontoon and deck boats is far superior because:

  • It is a heavy duty 600 denier marine canvas
  • UV protected, and mildew protected
  • Used for storage, mooring, and also trailering
  • Includes straps and elastic bands for holding it down
  • Phone support 1-800-309-5190 (You actually talk to a person)
  • 5 year warranty


FYI, the cover I’m linking to is for a deck size of 22′ to 24′ on Amazon, but if your boat requires a different size, just click on the seller’s name “Vortex” in the Amazon page and you can choose the correct size for your needs.



Boat Grill


It’s not always that you can anchor your boat at a public beach or park, so you can have a grilling area for lunch. In fact that is rare. So a really cool option is to do your grilling right on your boat.


The Magma Products, Chefs Mate Grill on display with white background.You don’t have to eat cold sandwiches and prepackaged food when all you need to do is purchase the Magma Products, Chefs Mate Grill on Amazon. It’s from their Connoisseur Series of gas grills and is made of “18-9 mirror polished marine grade stainless steel”. This grill works great with a post mount, fishing pole mount, or other single mount mounting hardware, so it’s perfect for your boat.


I like this grill because it can be windy out on the lake sometimes, and the Chefs Mate grill is designed to be able to get even heat on your grilling surface, even in wind. You can buy cheaper grills, but if you can’t get the heat to your food, you are going to stay hungry, lol. The Chefs Mate has these other great features also:

  • Fold-away legs, oversized perfectly balanced lockable lid with full length handle
  • Inner safety shell funnels grease into front access, lock in place grease tray
  • Convenient snap out radiant plate for even heat distribution and easy clean up
  • Swiveling valve allows quick and safe gas bottle exchange


This is the best boat grill choice, but if you want a smaller version, Magma offers it in a Trail Mate size for $50 less. In my opinion, the Chefs Mate allows you to cook for your guests also (you don’t want to be rude, lol).



Boat Grill Accessories


Since you’re going to have to mount your grill somewhere, I have a few options depending on your boat type. I think you will find that to grill on your boat and make your dining experience great for you and your guests, these are excellent choices. Here are the complimentary products to the Chefs Mate grill:


Let’s start off with four great otions for mounting your grill in your boat. The different options are because there are several different kinds of boats that deserve to have cooking capabilities on them. Each boat requires a different grill mounting option.


A grill mount on displayMagma Products, T10-355 Fishing Rod Holder Grill Mount

  • Heat-treated 304 Stainless Steel and hard-anodized aluminum construction for superior corrosion resistance
  • Quick release cam-action design allows convenient all-angle adjustment when in use or simply folds flat for storage
  • 1-1/2″ diameter Stainless Steel tubing has 8 different rotation positions and fits most cross-pin type fishing rod holders
  • Designed for use with all Magma rectangular grills, single mount bait/filet tables, or tournament series cleaning stations
  • Grill, table and rod holder NOT included


A double locking pedistal mount on display with a white background.Magma Products, T10-185, Double Locking Pedestal Mount for Rectangular Grills and Single Mount Tables

  • Sport type: Boating
  • Mounts your Magma rectangular grill or single mount bait/filet table at a convenient usable height
  • No need to cut a hole in the deck with the low-profile threaded twist-lock surface mounting base
  • Anodized Aluminum with Silver metallic finish


As almost always, these options are all available on Amazon. As I’m sure you have seen throughout my content, the majority of the products I research end up having the best price and return policies via Amazon, and that is what I want for you.


A single locking grill mount on display with a white background.

Magma Products, T10-326 Single Locking Flush Deck Socket Mount

  • Attractive mirror polished 18-8 stainless steel flush deck socket set
  • Features a push button lock pin
  • Includes a flange gasket with integral flip-up water seal cap.
  • Some fasteners required for installation
  • Compatible with single mount (SM) rectangular marine grills and single mount (SM) tables


A Single Square Rail / Vertical Surface Mount on display with a white background.

Magma Products, T10-340 Single Square Rail / Vertical Surface Mount

  • Sport Type: Boating
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel Mount
  • Also Mounts To Square And Flat Rails
  • Some Fasteners Required For Installation


Magma Products Serving Shelf on display with a white background.Magma Products Serving Shelf, Removable Cutting Board

  • Fits Magma rectangular grills with a 9″ x 12″ grilling surface
  • 18-8 mirror polished stainless steel serving shelf includes a removable cutting board
  • Cutting board is manufactured using a high density polyethylene material, UV stabilized and will not crack, mold, mildew, or retain any unwanted odors
  • Shelf installs instantly making clean up and storage a breeze, conveniently stores inside the grill when not in use
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Docktail Boat Bar & Ultimate Marine Cup & Bottle Holder on display mounted to a boat in the water.Docktail Boat Bar & Ultimate Marine Cup & Bottle Holder

  • Mounts in most standard sized rod holders and allows you to level flat at most any angle. If you don’t have a rod holder on your boat other mounting types are available. Please ask for recommendations.
  • Portable Boat Bar, Bottle and Cup Holder. Holds most bottles and cups from 1.75 liters and smaller.
  • Made of King Starboard, UV stabilized, fastened with stainless steel hardware, folds flt for storage.
  • Bar includes 1 cutting board insert and has 6 pre cut bottle slots – Two 1.75 Liter, 2 1 Liter, 2 two Liter and 3 accessory bottle slots.
  • Turn key package includes bar, cutting board insert, Magma rod holder mount, stainless steel hardware.


Magma Products Grill and Accessory Storage/Carrying Case on display with a white background.Magma Products Grill and Accessory Storage/Carrying Case

  • Magma Products, A10-1292 Carrying / Storage Case
  • Fits 12″ X 18″ Rectangular Grill
  • Black
  • One Size
  • Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle


A Magma Grill Cover on display with a white background.Magma Grill Cover W/Water & Fade Resistant Material

  • Magma premium covers are made of water and fade resistant solution dyed acrylic to resist damage from sunlight and weather
  • Fits 9″ x 12″, 9″ x 18″, or 12″ x 18″ grills
  • Package weight:0.8 pounds
  • Color choices are Jet Black, Captains Navy, Forest Green, and Pacific Blue



Interior Lighting


Most boats have interior courtesy lights, but installing custom interior lighting can really set your boat off. If you use LED lights, they consume very little power and will be friendly to your battery. They are also quite easy to install.


Again we look at the happy medium between:

  • ease of installation
  • quality of materials
  • functionality options
  • price

I could tell you about a really expensive LED kit for your boat, but if it is over your budget, you still have to do a TON of research to buy one. That is why I want to suggest great products at a great price for what you get


OPT7 Aura Pro Lighting displayed inside a car and lighted blue.This takes me to the 6pc OPT7 Aura Pro Lighting with Smart App Control, Color Change, Music Sync Ambient Lighting Kit. You can get this on Amazon at a great price. I like this kit because it has great coverage for most size boats and you can have any color you want at any time. Heck, you can make the lights dance right with your music or set a multitude of pattern changes.


Be sure to choose the 6 piece double row kit. It gives you enough light position options to light your deck space well. Some people think more is better and use full length strip lights from one end of the boat to the other. They end up not being able to see outside the boat area because it is too bright inside.


The other issue is that they get one color and can’t dim them. The OPT7 Aura kit gives you full control of your lighting system using your smart phone via bluetooth! Installation can be done very simple by plugging in the cords and then plugging into your cigarette lighter/accessory outlet. You can also opt to use the fuse panel adapters for power.


My suggestion is to locate your lights higher on the side panels of your boat. Also be sure the lights are not in your line of sight, because you don’t want to look straight at the light source. You want to light as much of your floor space as possible, without seeing the lights themselves.



Exterior Lighting


Exterior boat lighting is great for safety and looking cool. This is where you will want longer strips of LED lighting. I like installing the strip lighting under the rub-rail on all boats except for pontoon boats. Pontoon boats, I like to mount under the deck, outside of the pontoon.


Positioning the lights so that you can’t see them is not just about aesthetics. You want to see the light emitted from your lights, not the lights themselves, because the direct light will stop you from seeing as well.


I recommend Pleasure Boat Accent LED Lights available on Amazon at a great deal. You will most likely need two of these and install one on each side of the boat. You can add to these for length or cut them off to the desired length.


On the exterior of the boat, I feel it’s best to have a solid color set of lights. It is easier on the eyes of the oncoming boater and you get a nice consistent light on you water which will help attract fish.


One thing to remember when installing your exterior boat lighting, is to NOT light near your navigation lights. I also like blue lights for this reason and it provides an awesome glow against the water.



Underwater Lighting


When it comes to lighting up the water under your boat, there are a few things to consider.

  • How deep into the water will the lights be when mounted?
  • How clear or dirty is the water you will be lighting?
  • How much do you want to spend to see what is underwater?


Because there are several factors in play, I am going to give the top few underwater boat lights and the reason I’m choosing them.

  1. HUSUKU Waterproof 42 LED Underwater Boat Lights available on Amazon. You get two powerful lights to mount to your transom for this price. This is my top choice because it is available in a white LED which does the best job illuminating what’s underwater. Another reason is the way I weight the importance of an item versus it’s price.

    These lights have an IP68 rating for being waterproof. They use 316 Stainless Steel  for the housing trim ring which is very strong and rust resistant. These are available in 5 other colors, but for actually seeing into the water, white is best.


  2. HUSUKU SOOP3 PRO 60LED Waterproof Stainless submersible boat lights on Amazon. This is my second choice, because for those people who really want to have a colored light in their wake, these kick out 2000 lumens which is a few more than my first pick. However, when you use colored lights, the water is not as easy to see into as clear lights.

    These lights have an IP68 rating for being waterproof. They use 316 Stainless Steel  for the housing trim ring which is also very strong and rust resistant. They are available in 6 different colors.


  3. Attwood 66UW12B-7 Lightarmor Ultra-Bright 12-LED HPX is available on Amazon . You might cough at the price, but these are rated at 5000 lumens each! So if you have a larger boat that has a deeper draft, you are going to want very powerful lights.

    These are going on my 29′ boat in the spring. I’m starting with two of them as I expect this will provide excellent underwater illumination. On this particular boat, I want the blue colored lights, because it is partly about the impressive light show.

  4. Tidal Wake IP68 underwater 1/2″ standard boat drain plug LED light on Amazon. I don’t believe this is the right way to go for lighting up the water behind your boat. I included it for those of you want an option for not drilling through your transom.

    With this light, you just push the wire up through your drain plug hole and thread the light in and tighten it which replaces your old plug. You then proceed to wire the light up to a switched power source.

    Keep in mind, this light is positioned right in front of your outdrive, so your light is being somewhat blocked. The other thing is that the boat plug is at the very lowest point on the boat, deep into the water and this is not super powerful. If you feel you want to try it, you can always return it if you’re not happy.

    Always carry your primary boat plug along just in case. For less money, you could install my first choice. The other thing is, drilling through your transom is not a bad thing. Just use a good marine sealant when installing.


Wakeboard Tower


A wakeboard tower will add a superior towing experience to your wakeboarders. The elevated tow point allows wakeboarders to have more air time and higher jumps. Functionality is is a huge benefit, but the wakeboard tower is also going to really make your boat look awesome!


Just remember that you should never pull “ANYTHING” from “ANY” wakeboard tower’s tow point other than a wakeboarder, or kneeboarder. Pulling tubes creates approximately 10x the stress that a wakeboarder does. You don’t wan’t stress cracks or a wakeboard tower possibly ripped from your boat. Use your transom tow points for everything else. Another issue with towing waterskiers from your tower is that they could cut hard enough when they are outside the wake to cause serious lean on the boat. This is dangerous and has caused boating accidents.


Wakeboard tower installed on boat with building in backgroundThe absolute best wakeboard tower for the money is the Krypt Towers Catapult Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower on Amazon. This is half the price of other wakeboard towers, yet it has some superior qualities to some of the others. It is available in a polished look for the same price.


The Catapult will literally fit almost any boat 17′ to 24′ in length, because of it’s superior design. It will mount to any boat with a beam width of 78” to 108”. If you are storing your boat indoors, this wakeboard tower easily folds down below the windshield hight. This is a really awesome feature!


Wakeboaard tower folded down for storage on black and white boatInstallation time is less than 3 hours. The single bolt feet make it really simple to install.

  • Extra Large Universal Wakeboard Tower – Fits Boats 17′ – 24′, Front to Rear Feet Distance 64″”
  • Adjustable Width – Fits Widths 78″ – 108″ Center on Center, Patented Single Bolt Feet Requires only 1 Drilled Hole Per Foot, Adjustable Feet Can Fit Top Deck, Angle Deck, or Side Deck Mounts.
  • Easily folds down below windshield for boat storage by removing 1 screw in each front leg.
  • Quality Craftmanship and Materials. Seamless 2.25″ aircraft grade 6063 aluminum tubing. Solid CNC machined 6061 feet and joints throughout the tower. All hardware is stainless steel.
  • Integrated Bimini Top (Optional) – Tower Mounted Bimini Tops that are up and out of the way, Folding Over Tower Bimini or Flat Cargo Bimini


Now it’s time to add some accessories to your wakeboard tower, to free up valuable floor space. You can create some amazing sounds, ad cool lighting, provide shade, and just make the boat look incredible.



Wakeboard Tower Rack


Now it’s time to get the best wakeboard tower rack to keep the floor clear of your towables. With my choice of wakeboard tower, you can mount several accessories to it and I like to be able to carry a variety.


The quick release Wakesurf/Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack is on the lower cost range for combo racks at $180. It is available on Amazon by Krypt Towers and holds your wakeboard and surfboard safe and secure.


I love the rack because you can be out to wakeboard or wakesurf and you are prepared for either. If you decide to take two wakeboards, then you can slide a pool noodle over the upper leg of the rack so that your second wakeboard is tight in the rack. Excellent versatility.


  • Unique curved back plate
  • Double Polished 6061 Aluminum
  • Clamp mount adjustable 360 degrees
  • Fits both vertical and horizontal tower bars at virtually any angle
  • Choice of mount claps to fit any wakeboard tower tube
  • Bungee cord for secure board fit
  • Soft rubber inserts for secure tight board protection
  • Gets your boards off your floor



Wakeboard Tower Speakers


Wake tower sound system on display with a white background.My top choice for the best wakeboard tower speakers is actually a full system with amplifier, receiver, remote loaction, and install kit. Everything you need is included, sounds fantastic and available on Amazon for a great value!


With this kit you get

  • Package Includes: (2) Pairs of RockvilIe RKL80MW 8″ 900 Watt White 2-Way Marine Boat Speakers w/LED’s. (1) RockvilIe DBM45 4-Channel 2000w CEA Rated Marine/Boat Amplifier+Silicone Covers. (1)RockvilIe RMWK4 4 AWG Gauge Waterproof Marine Amplifier/Amp Install Wire Kit. (2) Pairs of RockvilIe MAC80W 7.7″ White Aluminum Wakeboard Tower Speaker Pod Enclosures. (1) RockvilIe RGHR2 Marine Gauge Hole Receiver w Bluetooth USB, Radio + Wired Remote.
  • 16.4 feet of Speaker Wire. Stainless Steel Mounting Screws. Total Power Per Pair: 900 Watts Peak / 200 Watts RMS. Beat sync LEDs flash to the rhythm of the music. You can select either red or blue color LEDs on the wire harness. No extra installation for the LED. It gets a power signal through your speaker wire
  • The louder the music the more intense the LEDs flash. IP66 waterproof rating. Fully Marinized Against Salt & Fresh Water Conditions. Sun Light Treated cone makes this completely Waterproof and rustproof. Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel Terminals. Molded ABS plastic for amazing sound and protection from the elements while out on the water. Polypropylene Formed Cone. 22 Oz Y30 magnet supports high power handling. Rubber Surround. High quality ferrite magnet. 1 inch PEI Tweeter
  • 8″ Woofer with Oversized 1.2 CCAW Kapton Voice Coil. Pre-installed Stainless-Steel mounting screws included. Perfect for Marine applications. Impedance: 4-Ohm. Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20KHz. Sound Pressure Level: 89dB @ 1w/1m. PA microphone. Birth sheet with tested power. Warranty card. Owners Manual
  • RockvilIe dBM45 2000 Watt Class-AB 4 Channel Marine Amplifier With Terminal Covers. CEA Compliant Power Ratings: 2 Ohm: 125 Watts x 4 Channel. 4 Ohm: 85 Watts x 4 Channel. 4 Ohm Bridged: 250 Watts x 2 Channel. RMS Power Ratings: 2 Ohm: 250 Watts x 4 Channel. 4 Ohm: 170 Watts x 4 Channel. 4 Ohm Bridged: 500 Watts x 2 Channel. Peak Power Ratings: 2 Ohm: 500 Watts x 4 Channel. 4 Ohm: 340 Watts x 4 Channel. 4 Ohm Bridged: 1000 Watts x 2 Channel


My favorite wakeboard tower sound system is one that I heard in the northwoods of Wisconsin. It had people from every house around the lake out seeing what it was! However, I pulled up next to him to see which system it was. He built it with multiple different audio components, which is what he did for a living. He had almost $10K into that sound system!


What I can tell you about my recommendation here, is that you won’t find a better system for near this price. This is a very well put together package and you are going to love it!



Wakeboard Tower Bimini Top


Since it is likely that your old bimini top won’t work with your wakeboard tower, you would benefit from having one that will. There are a couple versions. One that goes on top of the wakeboard tower, and one that mounts below it. My pick will do either and with great quality.


The Krypt Wakeboard Tower Bimini Top available on Amazon for the best price can be over or under mounted.

  • Fully Adjustable – and Fits Over or Under Tower Top (Over Tower Top requires optional $40 lift fittings)
  • Fully Adjustable Arms up to 10 additional inches on each side, Length 74 Inches x width 62 inches or 53 inches
  • 1 inch Stainless Steel Tubing, and acrylic canopy
  • Clamps Sizes: 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 1 5/8, 1 3/4, 1 7/8, 2, 2 1/4, 2 3/8, 2 1/2, 2 7/8″, 3″
  • 1200 Denier Heavy Duty Canvas!


It is a matter of preference whether you mount this bimini top abaove or below. Some of the factors will be:

  • How much head clearance you need
  • Other accessories that you have mounted on top or below the top rail of your wakeboard tower
  • Your need to keep your shade closer to you


Some have mentioned that the instructions were missing, but I found Eric’s video that explains his installation quite well. After watching it, you may do a couple things different (like not allow your new bimini top to touch your speakers. It won’t take long for the top to get a hold worn in it, even though the fabric is super heavy 1200 denier thick.). Here is the link to his video:



Wakeboard Tower Lights


I am going to provide a couple options on wakeboard tower lights, only because of personal preference of looks and size. As far as lighting up the lake in front of your boat, there is absolutely no matching my first choice.


The Curved 52 Inch LED Light Bar will blow you away with it’s performance. Some key benefits are:

  • Marine Boating Light IP68 WATERPROOF (that is actually and submersible rating)
  • 50,000 lumen Subversive spot & flood optic system with it’s high density light spread, makes dark night become daytime
  • Aluminum housing for extra durability while doubling as heat sink
  • Includes full wiring harness, completely wired with relay, fuse, and switch
  • Curved design to cast a wide spectrum area of light with floods to cast light far into the distance
  • Super low price for the amount of light you get
  • 2 year warranty


For super-cheap on Amazon, you get a near daytime view while boating at night. This 52″ light really adds to the aggressive look of a boat’s wakeboard tower.


There is one item I would add to this light bar purchase, and that is a set of wakeboard tower bar clamp mounts. This stops you from having to drill mounting holes in your wakeboard tower. The KC HiLiTES 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 Diameter Round Light Bar Clamp Mounts available on Amazon for the pair ( be sure “pair” is selected and not “single”).


Be sure you have selected the right size for your wakeboard tower tubing. With my recommended Monster Tower MT1, you will want to select the 2.25″ to 2.5″ size. You will be able to place your clamps in your desired light location, then bolt your light brackets directly to these KC HiLites mounts for an easy install.




Wakeboard Tower Mirror


In my opinion, you want to stay away from windshield mounted mirrors. Seeing what is happening in front of you if far more important than what is going on behind you. Our goal is to keep your mirror up high and out of your view if you happen to want to be on your knee driving sometimes.


There are a lot of cheaper mirrors made for wimpy wakeboard towers, but we want a quality mirror made for a quality wakeboard tower like the MT1 that has 2 1/2″ tubing. So I recommend the Big Air Articulating Adjustable Arm Wakeboard Tower Mirror available on Amazon. It is by far the best deal and happens to be the most versatile and adjustable wakeboard tower mirror.


Just watch this full video by Big Air Inc. and you will absolutely agree with me.