Best Towable Toys

If you’re going to have a family or sport boat, you’re going to need the best towable toys to go with it. Boating isn’t just about driving around in the water 😉 .


Some boat styles are designed specifically for towing in competition. Most of the other boats are designed around creating enjoyable experiences with family and friends. A big part of that enjoyment is wrapped around towing them around the lake on one of these toys that we’ll be covering here today.


So let’s take a look at some of the very best towable toys and the accessories that go with them. The “BEST” means that it has to be durable, provide great performance, look cool, and have a great price.





I’m going to provide the best choices out of the hundreds of options. You will notice a variety of tubing/inflatable styles in this list. All of which were chosen based on safety, durability, performance, style, options, manufacture’s reputation, and price. So lets get started.


Super Mable

Super Mable towable tube with three girls riding on it.Offered on Amazon by AirHead is my first pick, because of Super Mable’s versatility. Everybody loves this towable tube because of it’s towing characteristics. It’s great for use by  1 to 3 riders at a time, and can be towed for a very stable ride for younger riders because of it’s wide stance. If you step up the pace it provides an aggressive, thrilling ride for adults.


It can be towed forward or hooked up and towed in reverse position. Again, since it’s 78″ x 79″ the ride can be very stable if desired. So to own a towable inflatable tube that works well for almost everyone’s thrill level, can be a money saver. If you only want to afford just one towable tube at this point, then this is your best choice.


Super Mable fully inflated on display with white background.

The manufacture Airhead, has a long running history (20+ years) of developing fantastic watersports products and this Super Mable is no different. The heavy duty, double stitched full nylon covering the K80 Bladder is durable and looks cool.


It has air cushioned side walls, EVA foam seating pads and the Kwik Connect towing system (super simple attaching). Super Mable also has a multitude of double webbing foam handles with “knuckle guards” that enable lots of different riding positions.


Airhead’s Super Mable will be your most versatile towable tube, so it definitely needs to be in your lineup of towable inflatable toys. (Should be used in conjunction with our next product).


Towable Booster Tube

Booster tube towing rope hooked to Super Mable being towed in a lake.The SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube needs to be used with all your inflatable towable toys. It’s available on Amazon and is a must have!


System includes 4K Booster Ball/Tube and custom tow rope; overall tow length of 60 feet with Booster Ball. This means you don’t need to buy a separate rope for your inflatable towables. Saving money yet again!


When you are towing an inflatable toy without a booster tube, your tow rope often submerges into the water. This happens almost every time the tube crosses over your wake. As the rope comes back out of the water, it jerks the tube in a very uncomfortable way.


Towable Booster Tube inlated and on display with a white background.

Always tow your inflatable towable toys with the towable booster tube by SportsStuff. It keeps your towable rope up and out of the water for a smooth, consistent ride and reduces drag, rope spray, & submerging. It also lowers stress on tubes & covers, allowing your towables to last. This Towable Booster Tube must be in your towable toy lineup for the safety and enjoyment of your family and friends.



Hot Dog

Towable three person Hot Dog Inflateable being towed in the water with three riders.So do you wanna laugh your butt off?! The Airhead Hot Dog Towable Tube for up to 5 riders is hilarious, and Sooo much fun for the riders and viewers alike!


I happen to have the 3 person version available on Amazon. We laugh so hard every time this is in the water. Sometimes you don’t even have to be towing it. Just watching the riders trying to board it without knocking the others off is a riot.


  • EVA Padding – Provides a more comfortable ride and helps reduce chaffing
  • Padded Handles – Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability
  • Kwik-Connect – Airhead’s patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection


Airhead Towable Hot Dog in four different versions. A two person, a three person, a four person, and a five person.While it is not the easiest towable inflatable tube to ride for everyone, it is definitely the most requested towable, and I have a lot of towable tubes.


You can buy any of the four size versions, but I am probably going to add the 5 person version to our towable lineup. There is absolutely no way that the 5 person Jumbo Dog won’t be 5 times the fun. The five person Jumbo Dog towable tube is also on Amazon.


Remember that trying to tow too fast or accelerate to fast, will damage any inflatable towable toy. Use your common sense as the driver. Airhead is a fantastic company that has been around for a long time and produces great products.


Airhead G-Force

Airhead G-Force 3 person toable tube, being towed in the water with 3 riders.The Airhead G-Force is the best towable tube for the laying down position. The 3 person capacity is the most economical on Amazon. This flat style tube is fantastic for piling people on and there are plenty of grab handles for everyone.


I like inflatable towables that don’t have a cavity (like a conventional tube which has the hole in the middle). A conventional tube can tumble when a rider falls off, and that cavity can catch water. When that happens, it is like hitting the brakes. There is a very heavy and instant drag/tension pulling on the boat transom, tow rope, and the tube.


Airhead G-Force 2, Airhead G-Force 3, and Airhead G-Force 4 towable tubes on display with a white background.

The Airhead G-Force also absorbs some of the “chop shock” that you get when sitting down inside a conventional tube. Rather than sitting right on the water surface, down in a conventional tube, you have all the airspace of the Airhead G-Force deck tube absorbing that jarring feeling.


The Airhead G-Force is also available as a 2 rider and a 4 rider version. All versions speak quality and durability.

  • Kwik-connect – Airhead patented kick-connect for quick and easy rope connection
  • Fully covered – heavy-duty full 840 denier nylon cover
  • Bolster fins – keeps riders secure while tubing
  • Padded handles – non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability


Here is a video of the Airhead G-Force in action. (notice at the beginning and end of the video how the rope gets caught in the water and jerks the tube. This is why you absolutely need the Towable Booster Tube I mentioned above.)



Airhead Rebel Kit

Airhead Rebel Kit on display with the included tow rope and electric air pump, with a white background.This is my awesome economy recommendation. This is for the person who isn’t loaded, but wants to just have something to tow behind their boat. This is the Airhead Rebel Kit that can be purchased on Amazon, and comes with an electric air pump and a tow rope!


Keep in mind that this is only a single rider inflatable towable tube that measures 54″ x 54″. However it is a high quality inflatable tube by Airhead. Airhead is absolutely known for their quality products.


If you break down the price per item, this is a real deal. For one low price, you get:

  • Towable tube includes a heavy duty K80 PVC bladder that is fully covered in a double-stitched nylon cover with a zipper.
  • Airheads best portable 12 volt pump.
  • A color-matched 16 strand tube tow rope.


I like to go right after the towable that I think I will need in the future. Again, I included this little bargain for those who just can’t budget in a bigger tube at this point. Get on the water and have some fun with what you can. It’s still fun!


Airhead Thrust

The Airhead Thrust towable tube on display with a white background.The Airhead Thrust is on my recommended list because it is perfect for up to 3 aggressive riders who want to get some air time. Of course air time is determined by towing speed and lake conditions.


The driver needs to remember this is not a kite. It is a towable tube that can benefit from the air pocket under the main platform to gain a little air time off waves and wakes.


The Airhead Thrust towable tube being towed in the water with three riders.As with all Airhead products, the quality is definitely there.

  • Made of durable 30 gauge RF welded PVC bladder that is completely covered in double-stitched 840-denier nylon
  • Equipped with a Kwik Connect rope fastener for speedy boat hook-ups on the water
  • The Airhead Thrust towable tube comes equipped with a speed safety valve for easy inflation and rapid deflating
  • 74. 5″ x 55″ (deflated)


With the back of the main tube resting on the water, but the front raised slightly, you’ll feel like you’re airborne with every wake and jump you make. So you can grab the Airhead Thrust now on Amazon. (Note that some buyers have said that theirs got a hole in them. This may be from mis-use, but just in case, be sure you buy this one that is sold and shipped by Amazon, so you can return it if you have any issues.)



Ski And Wakeboard Trainers


Now it’s time to get the little ones trained to waterski and wakeboard. Really young kids should all start on the waterski trainer first because they can be in a seated position and holding the handle. This will reduce anxiety.


This is the best way to train young kids to waterski. It really takes the fear and turns it into fun.

  • Airhead EZ Ski on display with a white background.Children board the EZ SKI right from the swim step or stern of your boat (Let them drift backwards a ways before starting the engine)
  • Children sit comfortably on the inflated seat for start-ups until they’re ready to stand up and ski at their own pace
  • This awesome trainer teaches basic skiing fundamentals including proper stance, handle position, balance and weight transfer for turning
  • Inflatable water ski hybrid with integrated wooden water ski trainers and ski bindings
  • Engineered for stability while towing (10 mph maximum)
  • Inflated seat for start ups until ready to stand up


The Airhead EZ Ski is great for kids up to 70 pounds on Amazon. It comes with everything you need, even the rope.




Airhead Big EZ Ski on display with a white background.Now for training kids a little bigger to waterski. The AIRHEAD BIG EZ SKI is good for kids up to 120 pounds and is virtually the same system for training.


While the Big EZ Ski is around 10 inches longer and about 30 dollars more than the smaller version of EZ Ski, it just may be your best bet to start all your kids with this one.


You can get the Big Ez Ski on Amazon and again it comes with everything you need to get the kiddos standing up on skis with confidence.



Airhead EZ Wake on display with a white background.

I think this is a really cool and effective way for kids to transition their way through a few steps to become full-on wakeboarders.


Children board the stable EZ Wake Trainer right from the swim platform or stern of your boat (Let them drift backwards a ways before starting the engine). As the boat starts moving, you just let the rope out until it is fully extended. It comes with a short rope with a handle on the end for the rider to hold, and a long rope with a handle to be held by someone on the boat.


While your kids have the time of their lives on EZ Wake Trainer, they’ll actually be learning to be comfortable with the speed and sensation of watersports. This is important to remember, because the whole point of these trainers is to build confidence quickly.


Airhead EZ Wake being towed in the water with a child riding it.This awesome trainer teaches basic wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating fundamentals including proper stance, handle position, balance and weight transfer for turning. Your kids are having fun during all of this, and that’s exactly what you want. You want their memories to be happy ones.


When it’s time for them to move into their first actual wakeboard, they’ll be excited rather than fear trying. All because you provided a fun way  for them to gain confidence. The Airhead EZ Wake Trainer is available on Amazon.




Air Pump Inflators


Electric Inflator Pump

The AIRHEAD 12 Volt DC Air Pump on display with a white background.The AIRHEAD 12 Volt DC Air Pump is portable and runs off your car or boat battery. You can get it on Amazon and it will pump up all your inflatables for a long time to come.

  • High-volume 12 volt Air Pump operating at 410 liters per minute
  • “Removable” pressure release valve prevents filling past 1.4 psi
  • Hooks to your car, truck, or boat battery with the alligator clips and 10-foot power cord
  • Adapters included for Stem, Boston, Leafield, Bravo, Hulkey Roberts, and more
  • Draws 28 amps; 90-day warranty


This is the best electric inflator for your inflatable toys. Most people use this without the 1.4 psi pressure release valve being in place. They just watch the cover and get the wrinkles out. If your inflatable towables perform like they need more air, you can always top them off out on the lake with a manual pump quite easily.


Manual Inflator Pump

The AIRHEAD Double Action Hand Pump being used to inflate a towable tube on a dock.The AIRHEAD Double Action Hand Pump adds air in the downs stroke and the upstroke also. I have this and and you would be very surprised how fast you can inflate your tubes. The AIRHEAD Double Action Hand Pump is available on Amazon!


As you may have been able to tell, I really like the quality and durability of the Airhead brand. I have had great luck with all of their products I’ve used.

  • Four universal valve fittings are included
  • Accordion-style hose stretches to 5 ft. long
  • The AIRHEAD Double Action Hand Pump on display with a white background.Volume is 2 liters / stroke
  • Peak pressure is 14 psi


Be careful not to over-inflate your towables. When I read complaint reviews on a seam ripping out, it’s likely that they over-inflated it. Then when it is put under load or stress, it can’t stretch any further and it rips the cover.


Air them up until the wrinkles come out of the cover. This is the safest way until you get the feel for each inflatable and how they perform with proper inflation. If it feels under-inflated, you can always top them off with this manual air pump right on the boat. It won’t be long before you get the inflation right the first time.





Best Woman’s Wakeboard

Womens Hyperlite wakeboard on display with a white background.The Hyperlite Cadence Women’s Wakeboard with Viva bindings is a complete package. It truly is the perfect wakeboard setup to have on your boat, because it’s such a versatile board for almost any woman’s size or ability. New to the lineup in 2023 and is a Best Performer.

  • The Cadence series yields quick edge response and aggressive feel with massive pop off the wake.
  • Cadence is a fast board incorporating a continuous rocker and slightly wider profile utilizing Hyperlite’s Satin Flex for female athletes.
  • The shape includes a subtle landing feature in the belly transitioning to dual concave tunnels exiting the tip & tail for an aggressive approach to the wake.
  • The variable edge design is bevelled between the stance platform for a forgiving feel sharpening at tip & tail for secure edging.
  • Enjoy the explosive pop off the wake and effortless carving making it easy to link tricks back to back.


The Hyperlite Cadence Women’s Wakeboard package is available on Amazon. With this great price you’re getting all the great components you need, so it’s really a “one and done” deal.


Best Men’s Wakeboard

Hyperlite’s Machete Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings on display with a white background.My pick is the Hyperlite’s Machete Wakeboard Package with Agent Bindings for one price on Amazon. The Hyperlite line is fantastic for many reasons, but the versatility of these wakeboards, matched with a fantastic package price, is really unmatched.


Inspired by pro riders Shaun Murray and Rusty Malinoski, the Machete is a combo of their pro models. The Machete wakeboard focuses on maximizing stability while provide explosive pop off the wake.


This year also brought the addition of M6 hardware which allows for a reduction in board width and thus a substantially lighter board. Add in the Agent bindings for maximum response and comfort, what more could you ask for?

  • 3 Stage Rocker really let’s you pop off the wake.
  • Agent Wakeboard bindings are designed as an OSFM model (one size fits most) but the core range is 8-14.
  • Two year Warranty
  • The 136mm, 140mm, and 144 cm size selection is great for handling a broad range of riders



Wake SurfBoard


This was tough. I almost went with Hyperlite again, but the 54″ Baby Beef Premium Performance Wake Surfboard by South Bay Board Co. got my recommendation. The Baby Beef is available on Amazon of course and is an amazing all-around performance surfboard.

  • Hyperlite 54" Baby Beef Premium Performance Wake Surfboard on display with a white background.This Baby Beef Wakesurf Board is 54” inches long, 19 1/2″ wide, and is “ready for all levels of riders” up to 210 pounds
  • Skimboard Style makes for a snappy and fast board capable of ripping through wake waves
  • Constructed with a flat base for crazy speed, and 3 fin thruster setup fast and sharp skateboard style feel
  • Trick focused shape for all the experience chargers out there looking for an epic new wakesurf board or skimboard
  • Custom No-Wax Needed Fingerprint Texture EVA Top Deck for superior grip
  • At 1 3/8″ thick, this board only weighs 7 pounds!


The South Bay Board Co. is well known for having extrodenary customer service! I’m sure you will not be disappointed with this wake surfboard or the South Bay Board Co.





The ZUP "You Got This 2.0" Board and 1.5 Handle Combo on display with a white background.I personally am not a fan of kneeboards (for myself), but the ZUP “You Got This 2.0” Board and 1.5 Handle Combo is really popular. This is because it crosses over as a wakeboard, wakesurf board, kneeboard, boogie board, water skis, and tube.


Zup has a great product with the “You Got This 2.0”, because while it is not the best of any one category, no matter how it’s being used, people of all ages have a ton of fun. So if you are strapped for cash or only have room for one towable toy, this is an absolute winner!


You can get the ZUP “You Got This 2.0” Board and 1.5 Handle Combo on Amazon and provide many styles of fun to all your friends and family for years to come with just this one towable toy!


It comes with it’s own color coordinated, double handle, 60′ tow rope. It is designed to hook onto the front of the board so you can be towed and have full use of both your hands. This is awesome for starting out and then once you are comfortable, you can get to your feet. You choose if you want the handle in your hands or not. You easily hook and unhook the handle while you are moving.

  • The ZUP DoMore Board and 2.0 Handle Combo on display with a white background.Rated for riders up to 350 pounds
  • Comes in a couple different color combinations
  • Riders with greater abilities will be able to carve, spin, surf and perform tricks (you can grow into this over time)
  • Less ambitious riders can calmly cruise along


If you need a couple more performance options, you could step up to the ZUP DoMore Board and 2.0 Handle Combo and it also has some more cool color and design patterns also.





You are going to have all different levels of waterskiers on your boat, so I am going to give you the best sets of waterskis to have ready for each of them. More advanced skiers are not going to be happy on a wide body waterski. This also goes for novice waterskiers not being able to get up on a narrow, more responsive set of skies.


Jr Waterskis

O'Brien Jr Vortex Widebody 54" Combo Water Skis with a training support that attaches the tips together on display with a white background.For a great set of Jr Waterskis, you want a wider ski for stability and lift. You also want them to have the option of linking the fronts so nobody does the splits. You want the O’Brien Jr Vortex Widebody 54″ Combo Water Skis from Amazon.

  • Length 54 inch/137cm
  • Plastic fin for solid ski tracking
  • Jr. X-7 adjustable bindings (one ski has rear toe piece for slalom skiing)
  • Foot size: kids 2-Mens 7
  • Includes a removable stabilizer bar which links your ski tips


Adult Beginner/Intermediate Waterskis

O'Brien Vortex Combo Waterskis on display with a white background.This is where most of your adult guests will land. So you want to have a waterski that allows the rider to easily come up out of the water. You also want that waterski to maneuver easily at slower speeds. You want the O’Brien Vortex Combo Waterskis from Amazon.


These are available in Blue as well.

  • Length 65. 5 inch/166cm
  • Plastic fin for solid ski tracking
  • X-7 adjustable bindings (one ski has rear toe piece for slalom skiing)
  • Foot size: Men’s 4. 5-13
  • Wide body for stability and lift


Advanced Waterskis

O'Brien Celebrity 68 Water Skis with X-7 Adjustable Bindings on display with a white background.For your more experienced boating guests who may be intermediate to advanced waterskiers, we need a better designed set of waterskis that match the skill level. You may be of higher skill yourself, so as with all my recommendations, I am picking based on getting the best performance for the best price. This takes us to the O’Brien Celebrity 68 Water Skis with X-7 Adjustable Bindings on Amazon.


Man water skiing on O'Brien Celebrity 68 Water Skis with X-7 Adjustable Bindings in the water.Don’t let the low price fool you into thinking these waterskis won’t perform excellent. They are the best performance waterskis for anywhere near this price range. There are two color choices available also, but these patriotic ones are sweet!

  • Pinch slide X-7 Series adjustable binding fits US Men 4.5-13
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Peerformance cut for more maneuverability
  • Deep center tunnel for stability and performance


The O’brien Celebrity water skis are easy to get up on and with the dual tunnel design they deliver smooth, stable performance.





Four people under water being towed on their Subwings.So do you have a swimsuit that fits really well? You better if you are going to use a subwing! There has been many swimsuits lost to this activity. A subwing is an extreme towable toy and best if used in clear water with good visibility.


This is so cool! You are literally flying under water and it is incredibly easy. You are towed  at only a few knots. At this slow speed, it allows you to easily hold on and fly up, down, left, right, or go crazy with spins.

Image of a Subwing with six seperate feature discriptions.

Underwater marine life is really interesting no matter where you are, and flying with the subwing is like “speed snorkeling”. Just fly up to the surface for a breath every no and then. Check out this video and then give your guests the very best experience being towed behind your boat. Buy one of the several graphic designs of the Subwing on Amazon. You just can’t go wrong.

Don’t forget your Subwing bag, also on Amazon. You can carry it in the open position or the folded position, which is small enough to be a carry-on for your flight if you are traveling.



Tow Ropes


Tow Harness

The AIRHEAD Heavy Duty Tow Harness on display with a white background.A tow harness allows you to spread out the towing load between the two tow hooks on your boat’s transom. It’s better for your boat and mandatory for boats with outboards.


The AIRHEAD Heavy Duty Tow Harness is available on Amazon and it can handle a heavy tow with it’s 5,000 pound tensile strength.


Attach your ski or tube rope to the heavy duty Kwik-Connect. A 6” float keeps the Kwik-Connect floating on top, away from your propeller. The harness is also 12 feet long to fit larger boats and pontoons.


Simply clip the two hooks onto your Port and Starboard transom tow points. The push the loop from the end of your tow rope up through the hole of your quick connect, and loop it over the end of your quick connect.


Wakeboard Rope

The AIRHEAD Wakeboard Rope on display with a white background.You can definitely buy a cheaper wakeboard rope, but trust me when I say it will cause you more trouble than it’s worth. Get the AIRHEAD Wakeboard Rope on Amazon and save yourself a lot of frustration. This is the lowest priced quality wakeboard rope that responds the way it should.


When you’re trying to learn to wakeboard, you don’t need the added frustration of a wakeboard rope that stretches when you are trying to get pulled up. A good wakeboard rope doesn’t have hardly and give at all.


Another thing is, since you are most likely towing with a wakeboard tower and no rope float, you actually want your rope to float and be very visible. This Airhead wakeboard rope does both.


The one almost negative to this rope is that it claims to be tangle free. I’d call it very tangle resistant. This is for sure the best wakeboard tow rope at this price point.


Wakesurf Rope

 The Ronix Bungee Surf Rope on display with a white background.The Ronix Bungee Surf Rope is being sold on Amazon and you get a choice of several colors.

  • 10″ Hide W/ Embroidery Grip
  • 3mm Thick Memory Foam
  • 1.15” Handle Diameter
  • 7” Foam Floats For Flotation
  • 25 ft. W/ 4 Sections
  • 2 ft. Bungee Section


Because of the sections, it’s easy to get the length you want. You can also use it without the bungee section depending on your needs. The handle is also plenty big enough for use with two hands and it’s quite comfortable to hold.


Tubing Tow Rope

The SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube on display with a white background.Just a reminder from what I said earlier, that your need the SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube which includes your rope needs to be your only rope you use for your inflatables.


I have seen bad things happen when the tow rope gets pulled underwater when it gets slack. It really affects the tube and it’s riders in a way that the driver never intended.


It’s your boat and the tube riders are your responsibility. When someone gets hurt, you can’t blame a submerged rope. Just be sure your rope doesn’t submerge by using the SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube available on Amazon.



Storage Bags And Racks


Many of us travel/vacation and take our towable toys with us. The water doesn’t beat up our equipment, but everything else can when they’re not in the water. So whether you are storing or hauling your towable toys, you need to protect them.


Subwing Bag

Subwing Bag being carried by a man on a dock.One last reminder from an above mention, but it is a must have and it needed to be included in the “Storage Bags and Racks” section. It is the Subwing Bag on Amazon.


A practical bag designed to protect your SUBWING in most situations. The bag is designed to store your SUBWING in both the assembled and dismantled state. One side is fitted with a tough padding to enhance protection when the bag is in its folded condition.

The Subwing Bag on display with a white background.

  • Heavy duty tarpaulin and polyester fabric
  • Holder strap for swivel part
  • Extra heavy duty zip
  • Two carrying options, folded and unfolded.
  • Padded inside for protection.
  • Small enough for airline carry-on luggage.
  • Fits all SUBWINGs.


Wakesurf Board Bag

The SWELL Wakesurf Grayton Wakesurf Board Bag / Travel Bag on display with a white background.The best wakesurf board bag for your money is the SWELL Wakesurf Grayton Wakesurf Board Bag / Travel Bag and it’s available on Amazon. This is actually a padded bag for superior protection.


  • POCKETS, POCKETS, AND MORE POCKETS – Store all you Wakesurf and Wakeboard Gear
  • REFLECTIVE BACK – SWELL Tech. fabric keeps harmful UV rays off boards and keeps them cool
  • PADDED PROTECTION – Foam panels help keep your board safe
  • LARGE ZIPPERED OPENING – Super strong plastic zipper will not rust and provides huge opening for board access
  • HEAVY DUTY PADDED CARRY STRAP – Makes carrying easy!


Towable Inflatables Bag

This is actually a big issue for most people who have a boat. How do you protect and store your inflatables, such as tubes and such? It’s kinda funny because I’ll bet you have tried to get it back into it’s original box for storage. It never works!


The North Star Sports Diamond Ripstop Tough Duffle on display with a white background and three features being discribed.

The North Star Sports Diamond Ripstop Tough Duffle is perfect. No matter what size your inflatables are, one of these six size tube totes is most likely going to fit it. Like me, I’m sure you have a few different towable inflatables, let alone possibly having other inflatable floats that need a safe way to be stored or transported.


  • DIAMOND RIP-STOP – 1050 HD Tuff Cloth has a diamond pattern rip-stop fabric, this versatile fabric has a heavy-duty quality not usually found at this price point.
  • HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER – Large #10 construction-grade double slider zipper runs the full length of the duffle and features a splash cover and self-repairing technology.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Attention to stress points with double-bolstered box-stiched hotspots. Dura coated fabric for extended protection from wetness. Great for travel, transport, storage organization, sports, and adventures.
  • SIX sizes available as well as 6 differnet colors to choose from.
  • NORTHSTAR BAGS PROMISE – Simple designs, tough builds, overall value – We make better bags, with tighter manufacturing specs, quality components, all at a better value. Northstar Bags has your back, guaranteed.


Be sure you’re getting all the correct sizes and/or colors for each of your inflatables. These also work great for all the other gear you have to haul or store on the boat!


Wakeboard Wall Rack

The StoreYourBoard wall rack on display in a garage and mounted to the wall with wakeboards on it.

The “StoreYourBoard Wakeboard & Wakesurf Board Wall Storage Rack” is a very simple and effective. This system will hold each of your wakeboards and wakesurf boards at a 60 degree angle, completely safe from sliding out.


The StoreYourBoard wall rack is available on Amazon and holds four boards per rack system. Every bracket that your board sets on is rubber coated so you’ll get no damage to your wakeboards and wakesurf boards.


Stores wakeboards, wakesurfers, surfboards, snowboards, life vests, and more. You can put your boards and skis on this rack system, then set your PFDs (life vests) on top of the boards along with your other boating items.


If you need more space, grab another rack. You can also mount one rack on the wall with the four screws, and then the next rack can be mounted so your boards stagger each other from rack to rack. This allows you to use a lot less wall space.