About Lyle

One day, 43 years ago, back in 1981, I bought my first boat with my brother. I was just entering high school at the time. That first boat was a piece of junk, but I always had some sort of watercraft ever since.


I gained a lot of experience from that first 15′ runabout boat, like:

  • Taking 5 of us guys over a mile down the chain of lakes at dusk. Then breaking down and having to use oars to paddle against the current all the way back to the ramp in total darkness.
  • Venturing out in Lake Michigan and burning out a couple coils. 4 guys in the water kicking back to shore, ending up at a very popular beach so we could be embarrassed in front of lot’s of people. Got towed back to the ramp by the U.S. Coast Guard at 3:30 in the morning, with school and work the next day.
  • My brother insisting that we name it the “Boobie Bouncer” (painted on port, starboard, and stern), yet never had any girls in that boat!
  • Started every time in the driveway, but the engine was nervous when we reached the water.
  • Worked on it 80% of the time. Paddled, towed, and push it 15% of the time. Drove it 5% of the time.


While I had to learn how to repair just about everything on that boat, and without the help of Google (there was no Google back then), it still gave me a taste of what boating could be like. BeginBoating.com is my gift (experience and knowledge) to others who want to begin boating.



Lyle’s 43 Years Boating Experience


I have owned many boats over the years, which has provided not only many opportunities to learn something new, but has also provided my family and friends some really amazing experiences. We’ve had “Boat-Loads” of fun!


While there are many different styles of boats, I have gravitated to boats made for watersports, to boats designed specifically for family fun and entertainment like:

  • Bowrider Boats
  • Deck Boats
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Wakeboard Boats
  • Ski Boats
  • Fish and Ski Boats
  • PWC (Personal Watercraft)
  • Jet Boats


When I decided to provide my years of experience to the world, I also decided to focus my efforts on the type of boating I have enjoyed for so many years. I am not going to create content on anything that doesn’t interest me or that I have personally experienced and find it valuable to the community.


I have found that I enjoy reviving boats and getting them back into the water. With this, I get the thrill of the hunt for a great deal, which is satisfying to the entrepreneur in me. While I always make money on my boats, it is not a mainstay of income for me. I never wanted a boat dealership and the headaches that come with that.



My Career Path


While I love boats and making money, I also love Real Estate. However, that’s not where I started. First I was in machining, because my Dad said it would always be needed and would “put food on the table”. He was right about all that, but I didn’t enjoy it.


Counting the last two years of high school when I was a part time machinist, I was in the machining world for about 10 years. I was very good at machining, automated machine builder, management, to partner. Again the problem was I didn’t like it.


One day shortly after I was married at 25 to my wife Michelle, I decided that I was going to find a house to buy, fix, and sell. A year later, I found a good candidate and when the project was done and sold, I made as much as I made in a whole year of machining!


After completing my second project house, I left machining forever. My home was paid for and I had significant money in the bank for more projects. At this point my 1st son Vail was 2 years old and I spent as much time as possible with him, and that was a LOT!


Because of stepping out of the world of employment, I have lived a very blessed life.


My other son Brac was born in 2001, and we never really used babysitters, other than the grandparents 🙂 . There are years where I don’t acquire or hold real estate investments, but because of handling money well, it works best to buy in down markets and sell in high markets.



Activities I Enjoy


I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie I guess. Here are some of the sports I have done and continue to do:

  • Sport bikes
  • Snowmobiles
  • ATV’s
  • Boats
  • Mountain bikes
  • Snow Skiing
  • Motocross
  • Supermoto
  • Hypermoto


I didn’t treat these sports as recreational activities! The one’s in Blue, I still currently do, just not to the same extreme. I enjoy doing normal sports also, but I don’t like spending time watching someone else do them. I was actually a ski instructor for a couple years (mainly to get the free season lift ticket).


We have been to the Caribbean more times than I can remember. My wife and kids really loves it there (some places more than others).


My son Brac and I do a lot together. Currently we are building our websites, doing the above sports, and investing. His website 240Drift shows his passion for “tuner” cars, but he also likes going to classic car swap meets and shows.


I am not into impressing others. I drive cars that do the job I need them to do, and that I can rely on. I do have a nice convertible for my wife and I to drive on nice days. I don’t live in a house to impress others. I live in a good house in a nice safe area (though we are contemplating a move out of Illinois).


We do what we want and enjoy, and are grateful for the ability to do things this way. Neither my wife or I came from money or received any financial help from our parents, and we pride ourselves on this.


I believe that money is great, but it is important to enjoy life with what you have. That is not to imply that you should give up on increasing your means. It just means that I believe we should be grateful for everyday and try to remember that there may not be a tomorrow.